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Dr. Leonard Astwood

Dr. Leonard Astwood

EAP Counselor

441 292-9000

Dr. Leonard Astwood

Your Partner in Personal Growth and Well-being

Step into a world of guidance and growth with Dr. Leonard Astwood, an accomplished psychologist with over 14 years of experience. Dr. Astwood has played pivotal roles at the Family Centre, the Employee Assistance Programme of Bermuda, and currently, he's making a positive impact at the Department of Education.

His academic journey began with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology, providing the solid foundation for his unwavering commitment to helping individuals thrive. Building on this, he pursued a Master of Counselling Psychology Degree from Indiana University, equipping him with a diverse skill set to address a range of psychological needs.

Dr. Astwood's pursuit of excellence led him to attain a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the renowned Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology, now known as William James College. Armed with this comprehensive education, he's dedicated to assisting individuals in navigating life's challenges and facilitating transformative change.

With an empathetic and collaborative approach, Dr. Astwood fosters meaningful connections with his clients. He believes in the potential for growth within everyone and aims to provide a safe space for individuals to explore their experiences.

His rich experience within the educational sphere has honed his ability to connect with people of all backgrounds and ages. Whether supporting students, families, or individuals in the workforce, his guidance is marked by a deep commitment to nurturing emotional health and personal growth.

As your EAP Counselor, Dr. Leonard Astwood offers more than just counseling – he offers a partnership in your journey towards well-being. With his blend of academic prowess, clinical expertise, and genuine care, he's dedicated to helping you move forward and embrace a brighter future.

Choose Dr. Astwood as your trusted companion on the path to personal growth and resilience. Together, you'll navigate challenges, uncover strengths, and discover the tools you need to lead a fulfilling life. Your transformation starts now, guided by the unwavering support of Dr. Leonard Astwood.

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