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Edward Ball


Edward Ball

A Trade Unionist and Legal Luminary

Edward Ball Jr. is a distinguished Deputy Chair of EAP Bermuda and a prominent figure in the realm of trade unionism. With over 35 years of active involvement in trade unions, Edward has demonstrated a steadfast commitment to championing workers' rights and welfare.

His academic achievements, including a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) from London University, complement his role as a Consultant for the Bermuda Public Services Union. Edward's contributions extend beyond Bermuda, as he holds membership in international boards, such as the International Association of Business Leaders.

Having served on various Bermuda Government boards and appeal tribunals, Edward's expertise in legal matters is an invaluable asset to EAP Bermuda. As a fellow of the Chartered Management Institute, he exemplifies a dedication to leadership and excellence in all aspects of his endeavors.

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