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Zaheer St. Clair

Zaheer St. Clair

A Financial Mind Guiding EAP Bermuda

Zaheer St. Clair serves as the Treasurer of EAP Bermuda, contributing his financial acumen and strategic insights to the organization's growth and stability. His career journey, encompassing various accounting positions and a managerial role at Price Waterhouse Coopers, underscores his proficiency in financial matters.

Currently employed at the Bermuda Monetary Authority as the Assistant Financial Controller, Zaheer plays a vital role in ensuring financial well-being and regulatory compliance. As Treasurer, he exercises meticulous oversight in financial decision-making, fostering transparency in financial reporting.

Zaheer's dedication to EAP Bermuda aligns with his passion for contributing positively to the community. His expertise and commitment to financial stewardship ensure that EAP Bermuda remains steadfast in its mission of empowering individuals and organizations through comprehensive employee assistance services.

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